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A dense forest of wild trees and bushes

Will You See the Forest Through the Trees?

Before we start, we’ll need to discuss an important point.  Any idea -- whether it’s true or false, has consequences.  These consequences can make us happy or uncomfortable.  Because of this, a person’s response to the truth can range from sublime awe to fear or anger.  Further, the human mind’s capacity to rationalize and self-deceive is tremendous.  For this reason, we ask that you pay attention to your emotions during your stay here. 

It's rare, but if you find yourself getting angry, fearful, or dismissive, you’ll need to ask yourself why this is happening.  You’ll need to find the cause of your anger or fear because this emotion will interfere with your ability to discern and grasp the truth.

Everyone first approaches the truth with their own pre-conceived ideas.  This is human and to be expected.  Don’t worry.  If you experience anger or fear but keep reading, you’ll come to realize that your fear is unfounded and that the truth is incredible and awesome.  Be confident!

We have one more comment.  We recommend that you visit this website using a personal computer rather than a data phone.  This site works best with a computer and many of us have psychological conditioning with our data phone that causes us to be reactive rather than deep, reflective, and thoughtful.  Therefore, because the truth is easier to grasp when you're reflective and thoughtful and not skimming words, we recommend that you visit us using your computer.

If you leave the site, please remember to bookmark the page so you can easily return.

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