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What is The Raging Truth?

The term “raging” in doesn’t refer to anger.  It refers to the fact that the truth is all around us – it rages around us – like fire.  We live it every day.


Some of us get so enamored by our search for truth out there that we fail to recognize that part of it is here -- raging around us.  This website is a systematic exposure that starts at the Home page and quickly exposes you to science, philosophy, and reason.  The information you’ll learn is mutually reinforcing and supporting.  Because everything is interlinked, you’ll quickly come to realize basic concepts of truth with clarity.


To start, you only have to stop what you're doing, slow down, quiet your mind, and go to our Home page.

Enjoy your stay!

Copyright Statement: The material on is under copyright protection.  The written material is free to be copied, printed, and/or distributed provided that is clearly referenced and/or linked to as the source.  The photos used in the website are either public domain or available for public use.

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