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Does God Have Intelligence?

We will now briefly investigate whether God has intelligence.  This is shown by Thomas Aquinas' fourth demonstration of the existence of God:  the proof by design. 

As we know, there is great order in the universe.  We see this in the laws of physics and in  things that lack intelligence (inanimate objects).  Inanimate objects (e.g. stars, planets, rocks, electrons, photons, chemicals, etc.) all work in perfect harmony and with predictability.  Even in the quantum world of the ultra small where the slightest variation can change the course of a particle, we see the law of averages work with incredible precision.  Such things work according to their nature.  Scholastic philosophers refer to this as Finality.  Likewise, organic beings such as plants, animals, and human beings also work and function according to their own natures as well.


Different people acquire this truth in different ways.  Many read the above argument and grasp its basic truth  Others, however, may not fully apprehend or feel this truth; nevertheless, they intuit this same truth with their very being when viewing a beautiful sunset or a grand, exquisite landscape.  We're all made differently and this is part of the beauty which has been created by God.


If you have  questions about this argument, we invite you to investigate this further by clicking Objections to Divine Intelligence.

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An alert deer in Winter
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If this were not true and things operated by chance, we wouldn't be able to predict behavior.  But, as it is, the stars and planets operate with remarkable precision.  Plants, bacteria, trees, and animals also grow, function, and die according to their respective natures.  Even human beings, who have free will, act according to how they were designed to operate.

Now, if something acts in a certain, predictable way, it's because something gave it that stable, predictable nature.  This type of ordering doesn't occur spontaneously or by chance.  The reason is because chance happens by accident as a singular or near singular event.  This is quite different than order which doesn't function by accident but functions in predictable ways.  (Note: Natural Selection always occurs and functions within an ordered framework and is not to be confused with pure chance alone -- Click on Natural Selection for more information).

Now whatever lacks intelligence can not create, direct, or build itself to function in certain ways.  Consequently, it must be true that something else with intelligence created, built, or directs these things.  Therefore, there must be an intelligent being which creates and directs all things.

In truth, an intellect of this order doesn't just comprehend the intelligible as our intellects do.  Rather, the designing intelligence that created the universe must be of a fundamentally higher order than our own.  Since we already know that God must be physically and metaphysically simple, it must be true that God is thought, itself -- Self-subsisting intellection.

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We're Now Ready to Delve Even Deeper!

So far, we've demonstrated that God exists -- that he is physically simple,  metaphysically simple, pure act, and has incredible intelligence.  We'll now study something even more interesting -- has God communicated to us or attempted to communicate to us?  This next section starts out intellectually less certain because we're dealing with God and his prerogatives.  However, it ends by showing incredible continuity and synergy.  It's significant in its clarity, and we're glad you're here to share it with you.

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