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Library holding the Knowledge of Man

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Does God Exist?

The following are links to modules by the Magis Center that demonstrate the existence of God from the following viewpoints.


The following books discuss the harmful effects of excessive dataphone/social media usage both on the brain and quality of life.  Turkle further focuses on how dataphone/social media usage inhibits solitude, ingenuity, and our capacity for deep thinking.

Reclaiming Conversation (The Power of Talk in a Digital Age)

Sherry Turkle, Penguin Books, 2016

iGen: Why Today's Super-Connected Kids Are Growing Up Less Rebellious, More Tolerant, Less Happy, and Completely Unprepared for Adulthood.

by Jean Twenge, Ph.D., Atria Books, 2017

Science/Quantum Mechanics

The following is a book and its companion lecture series on quantum mechanics by the father of String Theory, Leonard Susskind, Ph.D.  This is quantum mechanics without the pretense or hype.  The book is part of the Theoretical Minimum series.  The lecture contains some information that is not in the book and vice-versa.  We recommend both reading the book and listening to the lecture as a second exposure to the material.  (Note: This is not light material)

Quantum Mechanics:  The Theoretical Minimum

by Leonard Susskind, Ph.D. and Art Friedman,

Basic Books, 2014

Great Reads by C.S. Lewis

The following are five outstanding books written by the legendary author C.S. Lewis.

An excellent treatment on one of the Great Issues of Life --  Pain and suffering.

A excellent exposé on Christianity and a must read for everyone -- Christian and non-Christian alike.

Spiritual Reading:  A fictional but insightful account of Heaven and Hell.

Spiritual Reading:  A penetrating account of the machinations of evil as viewed through a fictional account of a master demon guiding his understudy.


Some of the following books are no longer in publication although they still can be found on,, and  (Note: These books are not light reading)


Scholastic Metaphysics: A Contemporary Introduction

Edward Feser, Ph.D., Editiones Scholasticae, 2014

Scholastic Metaphysics: Part I (Being, Its Divisions and  Causes)

John McCormick, S.J., Loyola University Press, 1928


Scholastic Metaphysics: Part II (Natural Theology)

John McCormick, S.J., Loyola University Press, 1928

God, His Existence and His Nature, Volumes I and II

Reginald Garrigou-Lagrange, O.P., B. Herder, 1934

(Republished by CreateSpace Independent Publishing)


Right and Reason

Austin Fagothey, S.J., C.V. Mosby Company, 1953

(Republished by TAN books)

Known from the Things That Are

Martin D. O'Keefe, S.J., Center for Thomistic Studies, 1987

(Republished in 2012 in loose leave binding)

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