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Can Truth Be Known?

Welcome!   You've reached a website dedicated to truth and an open forum.  Many people feel that the basic truths of life can't be known and are merely matters of opinion. But truth is more knowable than most people think.  We created this website to provide a solid ground from which to know truth.

We live in a time in history when we are the beneficiaries of great advances in science, philosophy, and knowledge. Yet despite these advances, our understanding of this knowledge on an individual level is diminishing.


Some of the causes are frequent distractions due to social media and the iPhone; an increase in psychological stress; and political operatives that have a vested interest in keeping your mind astir and distracted. These factors and others help destroy self-reflection and inhibit connectivity with yourself and others. 


Many feel disconnected, isolated, and lonely [both with themselves and others].  This disconnection fosters stress, depression, and inhibits people from knowing truth.  As a result, some people feel that truth can’t be known.  Others think that truth is knowable but is too elusive.  Therefore, “Why bother?”

Despite this, Our knowledge has actually expanded, and we’re finally getting real clarity on some of the great truths which have been debated throughout history.  In fact, we’re seeing these truths transcend academic disciplines as diverse as cosmology, quantum mechanics, philosophy, and psychology.  This should be expected since truth should agree with our knowledge of reality.


Our knowledge of truth should be mutually reinforcing and in agreement across intellectual disciplines.  Likewise, false ideas and false knowledge are increasingly being revealed as false because they contradict other key ideas.


Interestingly, most people have no idea that truth now speaks so clearly.  Many stumble along with only half-truths that they've heard on TV or on the internet or from friends.

When you see this interweaving of knowledge across intellectual disciplines, you’ll quickly realize that the truth is readily apparent.  Continue reading – your knowledge of actual truth is about to expand.  Truth has great beauty, so we're glad you're here! 

Rays of sunrise beaming through a rock formation in the surf.

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